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 Hard Value Fund - R dist.  

Hard Value Fund

Fund for Financial Sustainability

Stock elite

Use of quantitative Models

Use of quantitative Models

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

When it comes to building or expanding your wealth, we don't want to get involved in experiments. We pursue a serious investment strategy and focus on conservative stocks. The Hard Value Fund brings together an elite group of equities which, according to our analyses, meet all the criteria for financial sustainability. In this way, we aim to optimize investment performance and achieve a sustainable balance, even in volatile markets.

Criteria of our stock elite

Criteria of our stock elite

Conservative investing means relying on what has proven itself. In our Hard Value Fund R dist. (ISIN: DE000A3D1ZP1), only assets that have a business model proven over years or decades make the cut. Only established companies with long-term strategies, outstanding products or brands, and experienced management even qualify to be analyzed by our team. We scrutinize the business model, management, market capitalization, cash flow, debt level, debt management, and dividend track record, to name just a few of our stringent criteria. Each asset must overcome high hurdles in our quantitative and qualitative analyses to be listed in the Hard Value Fund. After all, it's about your sustainable returns. We don't compromise on that.

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Stand: 30.04.2024. Die Aufteilung variiert im Laufe der Zeit.

Stand: 14.05.24
Datengrundlage: IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A.

Berechnet nach der BVI-Methode ab 19.01.2023.

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“With the Hard Value Fund portfolio, you participate in high-yield and profitable companies that currently have a favourable valuation and where we see attractive potential.”

Patrick Grewe

Asset Manager

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

When it comes to your financial sustainability, there are no limits for us. Precisely because only a few titles make it into our funds, we search worldwide across all industries and sectors for the stock elite.

Whether it's green technologies, pharmaceuticals, food, fossil fuels, ecological business models, defense industries, consumer goods, etc. - the only thing that matters are our strict criteria of financial sustainability. Our requirements and standards are so high that we cannot restrict ourselves to any specific industries, sectors, or countries.

The Hard Value Fund R dist. (ISIN: DE000A3D1ZP1) is not an ideology fund, yet we still adhere to a conservative ideology. The Hard Value Fund is also not a thematic fund, but we are driven by one theme: your financial sustainability.

Key Facts of the Hard Value Fund

Name des Fonds
Hard Value Fund
Walter Ludwig GmbH Wertpapierhandelsbank
IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A.
Aktienfonds, Welt, OGAW
Ausschüttung, jährlich
Risikoindikator (SRI 1-7)
Teilfreistellung InvStG
30% der Erträge

See for an explanation of terms. The disclosure of current expenses and the risk indicator is based on estimates, as there is not yet a fully elapsed fiscal year for the fund; the value may vary over time. The tax treatment of income depends on your personal circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. For further details, please refer to the Prospectus and the Key Information Document (KID), which can be downloaded from this website.

We monitor these and other securities particularly closely.

Top Holdings

Top Holdings

The Hard Value Fund's portfolio has one specific goal: financially sustainable performance.


Therefore, we do not exclude any profitable investments. ESG investments as well as sectors such as tobacco, cannabis, defence, nuclear, fossil energy and mining can be important components of the fund.

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